Train to Train 2

Stage Stats

Stage Start
"Peak Height Velocity" (middle of growth spurt)
(Approx age: 13-15 years old for males, 12-14 for females)
Stage End
End of growth spurt / End of puberty
(Approx age: 15-17 years old for males, 14-16 for females)


In Train to Train 2 athletes continue to build aerobic base, speed, strength, and orienteering skills. The development in this stage is a gradual continuation from the Train to Train 1 stage with athletes learning more and more training techniques and building more structure into their training program.

Optimal aerobic trainability begins with the onset of peak height velocity (i.e. the major growth spurt during maturation and the start of Train to Train 2) and as such aerobic fitness becomes a major component of an athlete’s training plan in this stage.

Technically, athletes should be training regularly in complex terrain and the focus should be on executing processes, techniques, and skills with focus and precision. Athletes at this stage are still learning to better read and interpret complex orienteering maps and terrain and while athletes are learning to simplify, emphasis should still be on full map reading and interpreting and visualizing the map.

This is the stage where athletes are consolidating the skills that form the basis for more advanced orienteering technique. If these skills aren’t consistently mastered athletes may have trouble simplifying and visualizing effectively when competing at higher levels later on.

Participant Characteristics

The following is a list of key characteristics and habits of athletes in the Train to Train 2 stage to keep in mind when working with these athletes. Remember that each athlete is an individual and will not have all of these characteristics / habits. Group dynamics can also play a big factor in which of these characteristics come out in a group.

Major Features

Social Characteristics

Physical Characteristics

Psychological Characteristics

Learning Emphasis

Preferred Games



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