Active For Life

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Active for life is a very broad stage and, in general, is the complement to the excellence stages Train to Train 1 through Train to Win. Active for life can be entered at any age, though generally after Learn to Train. Athletes who have completed the Learn to Train stage and want to remain active in the sport at a recreational level should be encouraged to continue as both athletes and volunteers in whatever capacity suits them - course setters or other meet officials, mappers, coaches, etc. Adult beginners can be offered modified programs that take into consideration their specific cognitive, life skill, physical and technical abilities. 

Participant Characteristics

Because the active for life stage is so broad and includes everyone from teenagers to seniors it is impossible to capture the characteristics of participants in Active for Llife and we have not tried to do so here. Coaches working with Active for Life participants should be open to adjusting their coaching style to the participants of their programs. 


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