Identify basic features in the terrain and then locate them on the map


Athletes should be able to identify obvious basic features such as fences, paths, trails, lone trees, playground, water features, shelters, bridges, etc. in a urban park environment. Athletes should also be able to figure out from the map which symbol / feature on the map corresponds to the feature in the terrain. 


Athletes should first identify a feature in the terrain. They need to be able to say what symbol will be used to represent it on the map and then figure out ,based on the other features around it and knowledge of the map symbols, which feature on the map corresponds to the one in the terrain. 


The following links point to resources that have been collected and are relevant to this skill (?).

Capture the O Flag


Description of an orientering version of capture the flag exercise at

"Ogres" game


Description of / instructions for the orienteering game Ogres (very similar to Capture the flag) at

Vampire O


Description of Vampire O at In Vampire O game, punches and punch cards are used and 'vampires' steal punch cards from orienteers (they then become the new vampire). 

Poker-O activity


Description of / instructions for a 'Poker-O' activity at with cards at each control that can be traded out. This version of the game has master maps at each control and is a map memory exercise but it can easily be done where each participant gets a map as well. 

'You Complete Me' map drawing exercise


Description of / instructions for an orienteering exercise at whereby orienteers have to fill in a section of blank map around the controls.