Taking the time to stop and figure out next steps at each control


After punching a control young or novice orienteers should stop and take the time to figure out their next steps.

Typically, on novice and kids courses this means orienting the map, figuring out which direction to go, and identifying which trail to take to the next control. If the course is in an open park oftentimes that means there aren't trails but using various larger features should allow orienteers to orient the map and then figure out which direction the next control will be. The key here is in taking the time to stop, orient the map, and think about what it is showing you. It is easy to be excited to move on to the next control but it should be emphasized that taking the time to look at the map is worth it. 

From a coaching perspective this desire to slow down and orienteer well needs to be balanced with the importance of kids having fun which may mean less looking at the map than a coach might like. As such this should only be strongly emphasised when kids show they are interested in taking the time to read the map rather than just running which will happen at different ages in different kids. 


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