Identify features (on the map) as linear and distinct.


Kids in the Learn to Train stage of development and novice orienteers should learn to actively recognize and point out features on the map that are linear and distinct. Some common examples are roads, trails, streams and fences. Kids don't need to recognize or use the term linear features but should nevertheless understand how these features are important. If they can understand their importance and pick them out the map that will allow them to actively navigate using those features and eventual put routes together using multiple linear features. 

At the same time kids should be learning to independently recognize features in the terrain as linear


The following links point to resources that have been collected and are relevant to this skill (?).

Blank-Map-O (map copying / simplification)


Description of / instructions for a map copying exercise in which participants must copy enough of the map onto a blank page with the course to complete the course. On

Handrails course exercise


Description of / instructions for a simple 'handrails course' exercise complete with warm up activity to teach the concept of handrails at 

Draw simplification map


"Draw a simplification map of a leg / a course. A simplification map is a map containing only the details which are necessary to use in the orienteering. There is also a variant involving map memory. It is instructive to run the course on the simplification map afterwards."