Hold map oriented to yourself


To orient the map to yourself you need to take the following steps:

  1.  Identify the handrail (on the map) you are going to follow.
  2.  Line that handrail sticking straight out from your tummy.


The following links point to resources that have been collected and are relevant to this skill (?).

Dice-O exercise


Description of an orientering exercise whereby dice are used to deterine which controls to find from a central control. On Orienteering.ca.

BingO activity


Description of a BingO variation (score-o style) of fun orienteering at Orienteering.ca.



Description of / instructions for maze orienteering at Orienteering.ca.

Indoor orienteering (o-training.net)


"Orienteering race indoors, typically in a gym. Good exercise if it is not possible to run outside - also a good exercise for beginners."