Identify the feature (on the map) in the middle of the control circle (the control feature)


This skill involves looking at the control circle on the map and identifying the feature centred in the middle of the control circle. The orienteer must also know what that symbols means. 


The following links point to resources that have been collected and are relevant to this skill (?).

Control picking (


"Run a course consisting of a lot of short legs with many changes in direction."

Map memory (


"The runner gets a map showing the next control, and must memorize the leg. At each control, the runner gets another control."

Map memory duo (


"Map memory exercise in which two runners run together. At the start, the first runner memorizes the leg to the first control - then gives the map to the second runner. The first runner then runs to the first control - the second runner memorizes the leg to the second control while running behind. At the second control, the first runner gets the map again. Continue this way through the course, never stopping at the control."