Creating a route using multiple linear features and then executing that route


There are four parts to this skill:

  1. Identify a series of handrails that lead from one control to the next
  2. Think ahead, “What will I see next?” (be aware of handrail changes along your route)
  3. Know what to do when you get to a new (distinct) linear feature (orient your map, confirm your location, begin next phase of route along new handrail)
  4. Look ahead for what you expected to see and match it with what you do see.


The following links point to resources that have been collected and are relevant to this skill (?).

Handrails course exercise


Description of / instructions for a simple 'handrails course' exercise complete with warm up activity to teach the concept of handrails at 

'Route Blast' route choice exercise


Description of / instructions for a route choice exercise at 

Draw simplification map


"Draw a simplification map of a leg / a course. A simplification map is a map containing only the details which are necessary to use in the orienteering. There is also a variant involving map memory. It is instructive to run the course on the simplification map afterwards."

Keep the pen running


"Take any map, and draw your planned route choice while keeping the pen running all the way from start to finish - never stopping even for half a second, planning your route as you draw."